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In February , the town was organized and incorporated. Before long, other congregations, including those for African-Americans , also were organized.

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The first bank was established in May by T. Oil was first discovered in by a man digging a water well on West Ninth Street. Around the same time, farmers were also reporting an oily substance oozing out of the ground. By , school enrollment was In , a board of trade was organized in the city. A package directed to Winfield was left at the express office on October 18th. While still in custody of the express agent it exploded and killed Mrs. Upham and her daughter, Mabel. It was a package of dynamite and a political murder was intended by the party who prepared it.

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By , the city supported a number of manufacturing establishments including a cheese factory, two sawmills, a flour mill, a fanning mill; and two corn mills. The following year, Luther Perkins erected a new building in Coffeyville with a design that conveyed the permanence and elegance a proper town should display. When completed, it housed professional offices and his new C. Condon and Co. By that time, the legendary outlaws of the s and s were mostly dead, in prison, or keeping a low profile and a bank robbery was the farthest thing from his mind.

That; however, would soon change. Your email address will not be published. Anyone owe you money you can collect? I wish. Hassenplug set down his pen. Though debt collection filings are soaring in parts of America, Hassenplug speaks with pride about how he discovered their full potential in Coffeyville long before.

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He moved to Coffeyville to practice in and soon earned a reputation as a hard ass. Where other attorneys saw petty work, Hassenplug saw opportunity.

Kenneth Maggard at his home. Hassenplug started collecting for doctors, dentists and veterinarians, but also banks and lumber yards and cities. He logged his cases in a computer to track them. His fee was, and often still is, one-third of what he collects. He asked the court to summon defendants, over and over again. The power of contempt was originally the power of kings.

Under early English rule, monarchs were considered vicars of God, and disobeying them was equivalent to committing a sin. Over time, that contempt authority spread to English courts, and ultimately to American courts, which use it to encourage compliance with the judicial system.

A person jailed for defying a court order is generally released when they comply. But attorneys taught him early on that the power of contempt was available to him to punish people who ignored his orders. At first, Casement could see himself in the defendants. Once a bustling industrial hub, Coffeyville has a poverty rate that is double the national average, and its county ranks among the least healthy in Kansas. Its red-bricked downtown is lined with empty storefronts — former department stores, restaurants and shops.

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Its signature hotel is now used for low-income housing. A shuttered motel in Coffeyville. The town, once a bustling industrial hub, now has a poverty rate more than double the national average. A nonprofit run in a city-owned building, the hospital accounts for the vast majority of medical debt lawsuits in the county — about 2, in the past five years. It also accounts for the majority of related warrants. Account Recovery Specialists Inc. Though the hospitals can direct ARSI and its contracted attorneys to tell judges not to issue warrants, hardly any have.

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Three nearby hospitals in this rural region have closed in the past several years, meaning ambulances make more trips. Its bills were at the root of four arrests this year alone. Derek Dustman, who is 36 and works odd jobs, had been driving a four-wheeler when he was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital.

This spring, he spent two nights in jail. A city ambulance in Independence, Kansas. Hassenplug represents the service against its debtors. The first time Tres Biggs was arrested, in , he was dove hunting in a grove outside Coffeyville.


It had been just a year since his 6-year-old son Lane was diagnosed with leukemia, and Biggs watched him breathe in the fresh air, seated on a haybale under an orange sky. There was a warrant out for his arrest. The last few years had been a blur. His wife, Heather, had quit her job as a babysitter to care for their son. Then, she got sick. To provide for his wife, son and two other kids, Biggs worked two jobs, at a lumber yard and on construction sites.

As he stared out the window at the rolling hills, his face began to sweat. He felt his skin tighten around him and wondered if he would be sick. The warrant, he learned at the jailhouse, was for failure to appear in court for an unpaid hospital bill.

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He was fingerprinted, photographed, made to strip and told to brace himself for a tub of delousing liquid. Coffeyville Regional Medical Center is the only hospital within a mile radius. Biggs compensated his friend with a motorboat that a client had given him in exchange for a hunting dog. Some court hearings fell on days when Lane had treatment, at a hospital in Tulsa, an hour south. Heather refused to postpone his care. Her health, though, had taken a turn. She began having weekly seizures, waking up on the floor, confused about where their Christmas tree had gone or why a red Catahoula puppy was skidding around their ranch house.

Her doctors concluded she had Lyme disease, which was affecting her nervous system and wiping her short-term memory. Like millions of others across America , he and Heather fell into a coverage gap. Some forgave it; others set up lenient payment plans. The doctors who took them to court were represented by Hassenplug.

Biggs began to panic around police, haunted by the fear that at any moment, he might be locked up. To shake off his dread, he asked the friend to run his license. The deputy said he had no choice. The family filed for bankruptcy, a short-term fix that erased their debt but burdened them with legal fees. They lost their home and started renting. Five-year-old kindergarten children spend their days learning beside community members who have 80, 90, and even years of life skills and experiences.

Now, as we end our seventh year of intergenerational learning, it is evident that both age groups benefit from what the other generation has to offer. The needs of the elderly are met through reasons most people understand: the children offer them purpose and fill their days with energy and productive activities. The grandmas and grandpas have time to listen to their stories about family and pets and about what makes them happy and what scares them. Age-to-Age Kindergarten offers a unique experience for students on a daily basis.