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Entrepreneurial university Regional innovation systems Technology of HEIs' ever-increasing involvement in entrepreneurial activities is the creation of '​entrepreneurship capital' within a locale (Guerrero et al. .. Table 3 provides insights into the scientific and research productivity .. Elsevier Science.

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Farm directory info probably came from Census. For middle school children Hoffmann 2 copies, 2nd copy donated by Martha Marquardt; Manual for management and organization of genealogical materials Baneck 19 pages; written as a history or story; covers only the first 2 or 3 generations. Steinhafel Emmerich Emerich Johannes Ring, 2.

Ross Gottlieb Goetsch families Marathon County Grueneberg Utech Schulz; Johanna W. Friedrich C. Knorr Neitzke John W. We do not have the book's author or address. Name and Address list in back. Bible title page and family data from middle of volume; surnames include Gimbel, Grosskreutz, Heft, Heller, Kummerow, Roeder, Taylor, Wettesnack Each entry also includes name and phone number of "tile leader" lead sponsor of each tile ; 9 pages including title page; entries Louis: Concordia Publishing House Rusch Family Bible title page and page from front of book with one Rusch death recorded They moved to Nebraska between ; first item published , second and third in ; third item is 3-page ancestral diagram Dates from to present.

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Sexual Treason in Germany during the First World War | SpringerLink

Voigt found in Bible Wiederhoeft about photos of ships; indexed by name. But this one will help folks begin a search. Shows title and author. Surname Index is in Vol. II Surname Index for both volumes Hoffmann Marriages, naturalization records, farmers' directories for townships in the three counties with emphasis on their Prussian origins.

In German. Roger Manuscript Rev. Crowell Company, Inc. Jacob H. Martens formerly titled Gods and Myths of Northern Europe Walter Auer eventually moved to the U. Everest High School D. Hoffmann High school students interviewed WW II vets and wrote their stories, plus some interpretive articles. No index Everest D. Theodor about Fed. IV: Czechoslovakia Schieder Prof.

Also a travel promotion by Lufthansa. Hoffmann 2 copies; small book; overview of Pomeranian culture, language, foods, tracht dress , etc. Hoffmann 3 copies; overview of Pomeranian history from very early tribes Vandals, Teutons, Slavs to present era. Includes a postscript by Peter Bellin. Edited by Elaine Kraft Mentions August Kickbusch and Wausau.

For middle school children. Cnty settlers. DVD also included. Quotes Myron Gruenwald. Also an article about Special Traditions. A short history of Walcott is included. Note the "judgemental" tone of the writing; due to the era in which the essays were written I suppose. Historical Collections via Google Books Literature Dept.

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Melms WI 4th , Victor L. In English and German, side by side. Author relied on contributors from around the state. The winning stories appear in this book.

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Secrets Godfrey and Hendricks Linda S. Hoffmann Historical newspaper columns from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Hoffmann Maps of many kinds: cultures, national origin, natural resources, society, politics Zamzow 3 copies Hoffmann History. Has a name index Miss Regina Bondowski, Teacher Teacher pictured, not named.

Hoffmann High school students interviewed local elders and wrote their stories, plus some interpretive articles. Hoffmann 2 copies; history, from first people Indians and Voyageurs to current era Copy 2 from Kathi Christensen, twn Berlin. Name index of prominent people. Hoffmann Eighth grade students interviewed older people grandparents and wrote their stories.

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Includes photos. Elementary School Marathon Area Marathon School District Marathon Schools Eighth grade students interviewed older people grandparents and wrote their stories. Hoffmann History of Marathon the village. This copy is a reprint of original book; copy 2 of index with indexed book Ronald L.

Winter year history of township of Wolf River Banta Publ. Life and recollections of first woman in the old Indian Agency estab. Hoffmann Large folded map in color MAP Martens color copy of page 87 from Hammond's world atlas MAP Hoffmann 5 copies; c. Helpful hints for using the reverse index and for researching multiple towns with the same name. Weiss Small 8. Maps and placename lists from late s. I, A through Kzie Hintz I think "copied in ;" appears to be data copied from a gazetteer; typed; no distinct title page; heading on pages reads: "Posen-Westpreussen-Kattowitz MAP Paul, San Francisco, St.

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Martens color copy of page 52 from Hammond's world atlas; includes 2 enlargements of north central Wisconsin part of map MAP Hoffmann Genealogical resources for people of Alsace-Lorraine heritage. Maps and placename lists from late s MAP III ; Appendix to Vol. II and Supplement of Sept. Hoffmann Maps and history of German expansion; migration patterns; industry, products and resources of each province MAP Hoffmann includes descriptive text identical to that in accession ; supplemented by text and maps from Wikipedia article "Partitions of Poland" accessed 2 Aug MAP Bicentennial-related content Copy 1 is framed, from Mader's Famous Restaurant, Milw.

History of St. Bill Storm; 2. Ray Schield; 3. CD format Documents, Etc. Wilde Sr. Walsh M. Richard Zamzow production Don Zamzow Dr. Zeitlin's presentation to PVCW members S Anderson from H. Strand In Danish language; Svendson was a pioneer for the deaf. Viertes Baendchen: Antigone. Schneidewin F.

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Two sheets of handwritten notes inserted; tiny writing, with date subheadings e. No I, no. Graham Co. Palmer Co.

Sexual Treason in Germany during the First World War

Small sections are in English; rest are German; 2 copies Newton, Managing Editor Jahr F. Wedekind Milwaukee: Northwestern Publ. Chicago: Ernst Kaufman Darlene Bahr school book for elementary children -- in poor conditions, missing title and other pages; bibliographic info from cover GER Zastrow Collection Children's puzzle book 2: crosswords, mazes, connect-dots, etc.

Columbus, O: L. Friedrich Glebitschens feel. Sakramente sich bedient von Hoyar A. Sacrament des Altars zur seeligten Jungfrau Maria u. Neu und frei nach P. La Charme's lateinischer uebertragung bearbeitet. I believe these Gausewitz people appear to be from Milwaukee are the same family as the Rev.

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Carl F. Gausewitz , Lutheran Minister, who wrote the "new" Lutheran Catechism and served churches in St.

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Paul, MN. See more provence information in the entry for Berichte der Rheinischen Missionsgesellschaft Scattered holdings in early years, complete from onward. Some gaps in holdings.