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Otherwise, this is typical rom-com fare that looks quite good on Blu-ray; extras include a commentary, making-of featurette, bloopers and deleted scenes.

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Essentially ludicrous, but the program gets by on the chemistry of its actors and bizarre monster make-up. The whole thing looks particularly splendid on Blu-ray; extras include featurettes, interviews, audio commentaries, deleted scenes and a blooper reel. Cinema Guild. Bela Tarr once made interesting pictures about Hungarian life under the Communist regime, but after discovering Profundity with his exasperating seven-hour Satantango , he became the Hungarian David Lean whose best films were the early, shorter ones. The Code and This Is Civilization.

These impressive British TV documentaries display a remarkable ability to make dense subjects into something informative and endlessly fascinating. The Code, narrated with engaging authority by Marcus du Sautoy, unravels the mathematical and numerical patterns that allow the world to function as it does, with evidence ranging from cicadas and serial killers to Chartres Cathedral and Grand Central Station.

This Is Civilization, an equally erudite but approachable dissection of art through the centuries, from the Greek, Roman and Muslim worlds to painters David, Goya and Picasso, is hosted by Matthew Collings. Civilization extras comprise a trio of shorts. This excellent American Masters program profiles the long-running late-night king who ruled the airwaves for plus years as host of The Tonight Show.

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Aside from being a valuable bio of the notoriously reclusive Carson—along with surprising information about his selflessness and altruism—the show is filled with innumerable delightful anecdotes about the master from many of his disciples and acolytes Letterman, Leno, Conan, Kimmel, Shandling, Rivers, Rickles. Extras include a featurette about narrator Kevin Spacey and additional interviews. Alongside Hutton is a solid supporting cast led by Gina Bellman, and the scenarios continue to be clever without condescension. Along with all 18 episodes, there are audio commentaries on every episode, deleted scenes, making-of featurettes and a gag reel.

Eagle Rock Entertainment. On a night off during their U. This legendary one-night-only show finally gets a legitimate release, at long last. An accompanying CD has most of the songs, but the DVD contains the entire performance in a new surround sound mix by Bob Clearmountain. Choreographed by Christopher Gattelli; directed by Joe Mantello. Previews began June 27, ; opened July 16; closes August Based on a movie starring the late River Phoenix and Lili Taylor, the new musical Dogfight starts sordidly and ends romantically, its title referring to a contest by a group of Marines on leave before shipping out from San Francisco to Japan on their way to Vietnam, conveniently on Nov.

Even though he easily trades profanities and insults with his buddies, he has a soft side: twice he has qualms about bringing Rose to the contest, but ends up doing so anyway. After they lose to another Marine who paid a hooker with horrible teeth to be his date , Rose discovers the horrible truth, slaps Eddie and storms off.

Flip the Script: The Un-Romantic Comedy

After returning to the States physically and emotionally crippled—and spat at by an uncaring public—Eddie searches out Rose, whom he never contacted after tearing up her address in embarrassment when Bolan discovers it, which leads to a bittersweet ending. Derek Klena Eddie and especially Lindsay Mendez Rose are sweetly believable in the leads: while Klena subtly balances the tough marine and tender young man, Mendez thoughtfully portrays inner beauty triumphing over an ordinary exterior.

Despite such built-in flaws, Klena and Mendez make Dogfight worth seeing. Labels: Theater Reviews. Chariots of Fire. Warner Brothers. The muted hi-def image looks comparable to the original theatrical release; extras include a Hudson commentary and interview, screen tests, deleted scenes, featurettes including interviews with Hudson, producer David Puttnam, writer Colin Welland and photographer David Watkin, and a CD sampler of four Vangelis tunes.

The well-documented atrocities against the Chinese when Japan invaded Manchuria in have been dramatized in several movies; unfortunately, acclaimed veteran director Zhang Timou comes a cropper with his shallow take on such a tricky subject.

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  • Germany to Gregson: The Search for Home.

As a Westerner posing as a priest who tries to save an improbable group of courtesans and young students, Christian Bale looks confused and embarrassed, while Zhang—whose technical control remains unabated—allows sentimentality to seep in at every turn. There are interesting moments—particularly when protagonist Willem Dafoe screams from a rooftop at people still wandering the streets—but Ferrara never develops anything coherently. The relationship between Dafoe and a wooden Shanyn Leigh as his wife never gives us any reason to care about the impending demise of such non-entities.

The Blu-ray image is first-rate. Anna Paquin teen and J. A Buster Keaton silent feature that he did not direct Herbert Blache did the honors —based on a play, The New Henrietta, by Victor Mapes and Winchell Smith—this is not as memorable as his many comedic classics already out on Blu-ray, though there are enough moments for Keaton fans to savor.

Other extras are a featurette comparing the two versions and a audio recording Keaton regaling a party with youthful songs and memories. Mill Creek. This quartet of programs, featuring breathtaking underwater footage, shows the lives of several kinds of sharks and manta rays! The four episodes— Shark Divers, Shark Business, Whale Sharks: Gentle Giants and Giants of San Benedicto —have spectacular hi-def camerawork in spades; there are no extras, but who cares when there are over three hours of stunning journeys to go on? It is time to finally put yourself in their shoes.

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Related Searches. Shero: The Origin of Amani Jett. This is the beginning of a journey of the world's first super-being; a young woman This is the beginning of a journey of the world's first super-being; a young woman by the name of Amani Jett. In her quest of becoming a true Shero among the people, Amani must overcome tragedy, guilt, and the fanaticisms Writer-director D. The movie does have a top-notch hi-def transfer, however. Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live. Eagle Vision.

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The 16mm film has also gotten a thorough visual restoration. The show was shot in splendid hi-definition, which includes glimpses of the picturesque Channel Islands, where inhabitants think of themselves as part of but separate from their country. Alberto Cavalcanti—then known simply as Cavalcanti take that, Sting and Madonna —directed this bleak film noir in , and it remains amazingly modern. Amid the usual noirish trappings, Trevor Howard superbly plays a war veteran hardened by work in the criminal underworld.

Black Butterflies. Tribeca Film. But Houten is so shattering that it rarely matters. Extras include van der Oest and van Houten interviews. Extras include three Vigalondo shorts and a making-of featurette. These new ABC drama series revolve around immensely likeable leading ladies: Missing stars Ashley Judd as a former CIA agent who takes it upon herself to find her kidnaped son in Europe, while Revenge stars Kerry Washington as head of a crisis management agency that uses its expertise to hush up possible scandals in Washington D.

While both shows unabashedly traffic in implausibilities, good writing, acting and a quick pace compensate. Extras are interviews and behind the scenes snapshots; Missing also includes deleted scenes. First Run. Narrated by choreographer Bill T. Extras include a brief Merce Cunningham interview and additional performance snippets. Posted by Kevin Filipski In addition to Prokofiev, Paremski will also play a new piece by jazz pianist Fred Hersch, Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky, along with more familiar works by Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Chopin. How do you see them? A lot of people do that with him, he is seen as such a martyr.

He was oppressed, blah blah blah—they were all oppressed. Prokofiev for me sums up the Russian spirit more than Shostakovich, whose music is a reflection of what was going on—as opposed to Prokofiev. It actually took him a long time to write because his health was deteriorating: it was very scary, when he started approaching the work, his health took a turn for the worse and he fell into a coma. He plays better now than he did before.

In his playing and composing, he has a vast color palette, and he explores that in his variations. KF: What other works are on the program? KF: You love playing classical music.