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The black dog was at the head; it was clear he was the leader. My hand closed around the dagger at my belt. I had left my sword behind where I had stopped to rest. I had no idea what good it would do against such a huge monster, but it comforted me to have my hand around it. My heart pounded like a drum as the black wolf advanced slowly, his yellow eyes boring into mine hotly.

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run … How am I going to survive this? I took a deep, steadying breath, keeping my eyes firmly on his. Two of the wolves, the ones to my far right, were glancing nervously at the rocks to their left, looking anxious and tense. One of them was the smaller, red dog. The black wolf, sensing this, turned his head and growled a snapping warning at them. He bared his bloody teeth and narrowed his burning yellow eyes. Frantic, I turned and looked up at the rocks behind me and saw a ledge a little ways up that I had failed to see earlier.

Several jagged spurts of rock which protruded from the wall allowed me to scramble quickly up to the ledge, panting with fright. I scooted as far as possible against the back of the shelf, almost hyperventilating with panic. I did not particularly like heights, and being only a few feet above the heads of a pack of monstrous wolves intent on killing me, I felt even more anxious and light-headed. The thought of what those giant, blood-stained teeth and claws could do to me raced through my head, and I slumped against the stone wall behind me, weakened with fear.

The black dog whipped his head around and glared at the spot I had been standing only moments before and then stiffened in rage to see that I was gone.

Young Falcon - Book One of Sons and Daughters (Paperback)

I shifted slightly, trying to get farther out of sight. Snarling, he crouched and lashed his tail angrily. The seed is strong, Jon Arryn had cried on his deathbed, and so it was.

Stannis : I believed Robert would be more disposed to listen if the charges came from Lord Arryn, whom he loved. Renly : Ah. So we have the word of a dead man.

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Lysa's match with Lord Arryn had been hastily arranged, and Jon was an old man even then, older than their father. An old man without an heir. His first two wives had left him childless, his brother's son had been murdered with Brandon Stark in King's Landing , his gallant cousin had died in the Battle of the Bells. He needed a young wife if House Arryn was to continue The death of the noble Hand , Jon Arryn, has unleashed a madness on the land , a madness of pride and violence. Jump to: navigation , search. See also: Images of Jon Arryn.

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Main article: Robert's Rebellion. Known Lords and Ladies of the Eyrie. Ronnel Arryn Hubert Arryn ? Darnold Arryn?

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Jeyne Arryn Joffrey Arryn ? Hands of the King. Lucas Lothston Jon Hightower? Ambrose Butterwell? Known members of the small council. Under Aegon I Targaryen. Under Aenys I Targaryen. Under Maegor I Targaryen. Under Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Under Viserys I Targaryen. Under Aegon II Targaryen. Under Daeron I Targaryen. Viserys Targaryen Alyn Velaryon. Under Baelor I Targaryen.


Viserys Targaryen Munkun. Under Aegon IV Targaryen. Under Daeron II Targaryen. Under Aerys I Targaryen. Brynden Rivers. Under Maekar I Targaryen.

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Under Aegon V Targaryen. Under Jaehaerys II Targaryen. Under Aerys II Targaryen. Under Robert I Baratheon. Under Joffrey I Baratheon. Under Tommen I Baratheon. Stillborn daughter [4] 2 stillborn children [5] Robert Arryn. John Standing. Season 1. Unknown wife. Rowena Arryn. Jeyne Royce. Lysa Tully. Elys Waynwood. Lady Belmore. Stillborn daughter. Denys Arryn.